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Moving From Victim to Leader

Per PBS News Hour, we have on average just over 2 mass shootings in America every day. They happen in our schools, hospitals, places of entertainment, shopping malls. We have many ideas about the “why” these things happen. From mental health to racism, discrimination and everything in between. They happen in places big and small. Rich and poor. We search for solutions. Everything from who can have guns and when to restrictions on types of guns to more enforcement. And we offer “thoughts and prayers”. We still haven’t made a dent. Maybe, it’s time for a different kind of conversation and new leadership. Join Dave Ellis in an interactive dialog about individual and community trauma and their impact, safety, healing and more. Exploring the word “community”, what it means now and considering a new definition as a way to create a pathway to “community healing”. With the eventual goal of communities as the prevention model.



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